Mini Daiso Haul


The other day when I went to Michael’s to find some washi tapes, I totally forgot this shopping center have one of the biggest Daiso in the state! What is Daiso you ask? It’s pretty much like Dollar Tree but Japanese version? Though, not everything is a dollar but it’s close to it. The most expensive item I’ve seen there is probably $3.00? You can’t beat that! So if you never been, definitely check one out.

Now let’s get started with the haul!


First things first, I go straight to the stationery aisle. I mean who wouldn’t? Well a stationery addict would, that’s who! I looked at all the cool pens, notebooks, and all that good stuff but the one section I truly want to go to is the washi section. There’s some that I’m just like meh, I have something like that and some, I have to have! You can never go wrong with $1.50 washi tapes!



Next items are I got were these brush pens. I don’t read Japanese but by looking at the picture, it looks like they’re brush pens. I’ve started learning and practicing calligraphy since mid last year. I also took an intro to calligraphy class last summer with some of my PNW planner ladies. I definitely learned a lot and have been practicing almost every day. I saw someone posted one of these pens on Instagram but I forgot which one so I bought most of them, haha. I will do a review on these and also the blank notebook paper that I got which is in the picture and see if they’re worth it. I think they were all $1.50 each. The brown blank notebook is also $1.50.



Last but not least, you have to stop by the snack section. There’s so many amazing snacks there but the one I always get is this chocolate cream filled biscuit sticks by Pejoy. They’re $1.75 and oh em gee, they’re SO tasty. They also have my favorites like Pocky and the Panda one. I definitely need to go back and get some more. I’ve seen some of these in American grocery stores for like $3+! So if you ever crave for Asian snacks, definitely go to Daiso or your local Asian grocery stores.

Well, that’s it for my haul. When I say mini haul, it’s really a mini haul haha. Let me know what you guys usually get when you stop by at Daiso!





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