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2018 Compact Rose Gold Eco Passion Planner Review

Who doesn’t love the smell of brand new planners for the new year? My 2018 planner is an ECO rose gold compact by Passion Planner. I just started using it last year and safely can say that I found my planner peace. After trying out Erin Condren, Get to Workbook, Inkwell Press, Happy Planner, Ring planners… you name it, I’ve tried it all. Passion Planner had started an ECO friendly version of their planners on Kickstarter last year. With this new product, Passion Planner’s goals was to redesigned with the planet in mind. For every planer they sell, Passion Planner will plant a tree through a non-profit organization, One Tree Planted. At the end of Kickstarter, you got to choose which country you would like the tree planted.




[picture here]
When you open up your planner, there’s a section to put your name, your email, and a reward! Of course my reward is a heart aka my love and gratefulness that you brought my sweet planner back haha.

[picture here]
The next page is an overall page of how to use the planner and what’s Passion Planners’ goal for you. There’s a section on the bottom left where you can fill out three questions to help start your goals for the year.

[picture here]
Next is the passion roadmap which breaks into 4 sections: Lifetime, 3 years, 1 year, and 3 months. Here are my current goals for my life and here’s to hoping SOMETHING gets accomplished!

[picture here]
After filling out the passion roadmap, you will need to prioritize by circling one goal that you truly want to accomplished. After that you take the one you circled and place it into your gamechanger and how to achieve that goal. You can use a brainstorming web like I did to

[picture here]
Then you get a yearly overview for 2018 and 2019. There’s a section on the bottom for space of infinite possibility. I would like to use that space for birthdays!

[picture here]
Next is the monthly overview. You have this month’s focus, people to see, places to go, not-to-do list, personal projects, work projects, and breaking down a mind map of your gamechanger for the month. Now with me, I use it the way it’s listed. Like for this month’s focus, for personal: I put self and for work: I put blog. Why I say that I use it the way it’s listed is because you DON’T have to use it the way it’s listed, I’ve seen people use stickers to cover up certain things that will make it work for their needs. That’s a great thing about a planner is you can customize it to any way you want it to be.

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After the monthly view, you will get your weekly view starting with this week’s focus than good things that happened (during the week) which I use it as a daily gratitude, a personal to-do list, work to-do list, and space of infinite possibly which can be used for anything! I usually use it as a tracker or a handlettered quote or post-it with meals for the week. You can do anything your heart desires!

[picture here]
Towards the end of the month, there’s a monthly reflection section where you look back at that month and answer the questions listed. I personally don’t really use this section but I think I may change that this year!

[picture here]
After few months is over, there’s a mid-year roadmap to show where you are at the moment. This will help you break it down by looking at the past few months on how you can change to get closer to that specific goal.

[picture here]
At the end of the planner, you will get 20 blank pages and 20 grid pages which I think is AWESOME. You can use it as a bujo or doodles or pen test or anything you want. I started to use this section for books and shows I’m watching on Netflix but I have gotten a new leuchtturm1917 notebook to start bullet journaling again so I will use these blank pages to jot down notes and ideas.

[picture here]
Last but not least, every planner goes through a hand inspection by one of the Passion Planner staffs to make sure your planner is up to pashfam standards!

[ PROS ]

    • The sleeve covers are re-useable so there’s no waste! How awesome is that? You get to switch different colors depending on your mood!The eco-booklet is 100% recycled and recyclable. So happy they created a rose gold color. All my friends and family know how obsessed I am with rose gold!


    • The paper is a little thicker and so smooth. I love that it’s black and white which lets me be creative and add my own colors.


    • The compact version is perfect for me. I usually write really big but learned to write smaller. I love that I can throw it in my purse. Great for on the go!


    • I love that there is a Monday start because I like my weekends together.


[ CONS ]

    • I’ve used Passion Planner before and love their bound version. I got the ECO version because they had rose gold (my favorite color ever) with Monday start. They had a rose gold bound version but only had the Sunday start. I love that you can switch out the colors but my problem is closing my planner. It always bends at the front which is annoying. I hope they offer a Monday start, bound version of the Rose Gold. This was also their first time having different colors for you to choose from.


    • I wish there’s a Monday start of the rose gold bound version. I’m just not a fan of this ECO version at all. What made me fell in love with it in the first place was the bound version and it held up really well with no problem!


I absolutely love my Passion Planner and it made me enjoy planning so much more. I’ve tried everything and so far, this planner is the only one that truly helped me get creative and also reach for my goals (so far)! My only complaint is I hope for 2019, they will fix the cover issue and offer a Monday start, bound version in rose gold color. Their customer service are amazing and will do whatever they can to make sure you’re satisfied. As for shipping, it’s pretty fast for me but then again, I’m in the west coast as Passion Planner HQ. Not sure if that makes a difference or not but they’re pretty fast on getting your planner shipped out! So do you own a Passion Planner?? What do you think of it? How long since you’ve used this planner? Plus don’t forget to head over to PG Instagram to win yourself a limited edition gray hardcover Passion Planner that’s not sold anywhere! Giveaway ends on February 5th at 3 PM PST!! Now go enter!

Where: Passion Planner / Amazon
Price: $25+
Overall Dimensions: Classic (A4) – 8.27” x 11.69” / Compact (A5) – 5.83” x 8.27”
Paper: 100 GSM, Smooth, White
Sponsored? Nope, I paid this planner with my own money and I was not asked to do this review. This review is strictly my own opinion. I also used to be their fall representative to help spread pashfam love!


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