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BodyBoss Journey

Well, it’s that time! Now let me tell you, I have not worked out since I was in my early 20s. I’m not going to lie… I can be a VERY lazy person. Especially trying to eat better and staying fit. After the birth of my 2nd daughter, my body has changed a lot more than with my first.

Man with my first, she sucked up ALL the fats from me because she ate so much! I even lost my pre-pregnancy weight and weighed as much as I did in high school! It was pretty crazy. I was breastfeeding her full time… up until 11 months when she didn’t want it anymore. I thought hey, it could happen to my 2nd baby but nope. I was done breastfeeding Chloe when she was 8 months old. With the stress of living at the hospital and caring for both my kiddos plus being my oldest daughter’s donor for her bone marrow transplant took a toll on me. Especially having a rough c-section with Chloe. After my oldest, Autumn, died last year, my supply has constantly decreased where I constantly had to supplement with formula.

So with stress and not eating right, my body definitely reflected that. I would feel so exhausted all the time, no energy, and just want to lounge around (when I can). Chloe definitely keeps me super busy as she’s super active, haha. I found out about BodyBoss through an ad on Instagram stories. I was like huh, that looks interesting. Being a designer nerd, I LOVED how their materials are designed and just the marketing aspect of it. It got me intrigued for sure. I watched tons of YouTube videos and read tons of blog reviews about it. What made me bit the bullet was “100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE”. I’m like well then, let’s do this!

I ordered the online and print version as they were having a special. You can get both for $99.50 when it was originally $169.40. The online version alone is $69.50 so why not both right? Plus if there’s anything wrong with your internet where you can’t pull it up on your computer, you have your print version with you.

I want you guys to follow this journey with me and see if this method works! I will write a post once a week on my thoughts for that week and also provide pictures for transformation. The package also includes nutrition and smoothie guide as well as pre-training!

So when the package arrived, it has this really cute saying “12 weeks from now” and when you open it, it says “you’ll thank yourself today!” I don’t know why but I really love that! It’s a great little reminder that when you start this, you won’t regret it!

You can see that they packaged everything very nicely in bubble wrap so it doesn’t get damaged during travels.

Like I said, it provides your nutrition and fitness guide! For the nutrition guides, it’s in a sturdy little box that holds all the recipes for meals, smoothies, and desserts. I think that’s a great idea so I can store it in my kitchen and just have it all in one place!

In the little nutrition box container, it comes in these four booklets. There’s book one and book four which has your superfoods and desserts. Book two and book three has your meals planned out for 12 weeks of this program. It’s very simple and easy to follow along and I can’t wait to get it started!

Here are close-up pictures of the booklets so you can see what I mean about each of the individual books.

Well I hope this helps you on what to expect when you purchase these products from BodyBoss. I honestly can’t wait to start getting into shape as my husband likes to tease me because I’m always huffing and puffing walking three flights of stairs, haha. Like this awesome postcard from BodyBoss says “You got this”. Why yes I do and I will kick butt!! Have you guys tried this? If so, what do you think of it? Do you recommend it? Do you think this is another weight loss scheme? How do you stay in shape? Please comment below! I would love to read any advice and tips and tricks!!


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