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Skagit Tulip Festival 2018

Well it’s that time of the year where tulips are blooming and spring has sprung! We lived in Washington for almost 7 years and have yet checked out the Skagit Tulip Festival! This year was the year where we don’t waste any time and start making memories. After losing our 3 year old daughter, I vowed myself to live every single moment and spend our time on this earth wisely. What I’ve regretted before Autumn was ill in 2016 was that we didn’t do much family trips or spend family time together. I was constantly tired from working and constantly getting sick because Autumn would be sick from daycare. Weekend was the only time I get to relax, sleep-in and unwind. Oh how I regretted not making more memories with my sweet girl. So this is the year to new adventures and making tons of memories.So my husband got Monday off because we’ve heard weekends are a disaster for the festival and it gets super crowded. If anyone knows me knows I hate being in a crowded place. It gives me pure anxiety and I don’t get to enjoy my time with my family because people would just be everywhere! Anyways, it was about an hour and a half drive with a tiny bit of traffic. We left about 130 in the afternoon. We got Starbucks to eat along the way because we haven’t eaten anything yet and enjoyed a mini road trip. As we got there, we just follow the signs that says “Tulip Festival”. Now this part gets tricky. There are two different sections for the festival. What I mean is there’s a tulip festival called “Roozengaarde” and “Tulip Town” which I didn’t know. I assumed it was all together and in this giant fields of tulips. Nope, there are indeed separate. I was wondering why you could make a left or go straight when you got there. Anywho, we found parking right away, got our tickets ($7 per person – free parking if you purchased admission tickets). And when you arrive, you just see a huge fields of gorgeous tulips.

It was colorful after it was just so vibrant! We stopped each of the colors and just embrace this beauty. It was a little chilly and windy that day but hey, there was sunshine! If you know Pacific Northwest, it’s a rainy type situation, haha. It’s crazy to me how there are just rows and rows and rows with different color of tulips. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’m so happy we got the chance to experience it this year. Though I wish we had Autumn with us but I know she’s there in spirit. We always feel her sweet angel presence.

Here’s a family photo of us. As you can see, Chloe looks grumpy haha. It was the only picture that we had of her looking at the camera. She can be such a stink bug that one. We definitely see that sassiness side like her big sister. She’s looking at us like guys, seriously, can we go home now? This is so boring! haha.

Chloe was being such a trooper throughout the day. She loved being carried by the Ergobaby because she could see everything. That thing was a lifesaver and it was also my husband’s first time carrying her on it. I thought it was just the cutest thing!

After you’re done exploring the tulip fields… there’s a place where you can buy food and drinks (definitely recommend bringing your own food because it was stupid expensive for some hot dogs, kettle popcorn, and a bottle of water). You can sit on the grass or go to the shaded tent that has picnic tables for you to enjoy your meal. After we were done, we wanted to take some tulips home so there was a little shop where you can pick a bouquet of tulips home. They had a buy 4 get 1 free special so we of course did that. My husband did a great job picking the colors (below is the picture)!

Overall, I definitely recommend going to the tulip festival at least once. For sure we’re going to go again next year but this time, Tulip Town. I heard it was even bigger than Roozengaarde and by that time, Chloe would be almost 2 so she’ll have fun roaming around the area! Below are pictures of her enjoying her freedom on the grass. By the way, I thought she would totally freak out with touching the grass but she loved it. If you’re ever in Washington during April month, definitely check this place out!




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