Hey there, I’m Nettie.

I’m a Christian wife and mama of two! A 11 month old baby girl and a 3 year old sweet girl angel in Heaven (will get to that in just a bit). We are currently residing in Renton, Washington in the good ol’ Pacific Northwest. We’re originally from Southern California and hope we can move back one day. We’re huge fans of Seattle Seahawks and love Starbucks… duh!

My two beautiful girls are Autumn (3) and little miss pterodactyl Chloe (11 months old), who loves to scream on top of her longs and sound like a dinosaur. Quick story about my dear sweet Autumn who I’ve dedicated a series for her had passed in October 19th, 2017. She was fighting a rare autoimmune disease called EBV T-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorder of Childhood with secondary HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis). Not only was HLH already rare but the EBV disorder was also SUPER rare. So far the genetic testing shows negative and we still unsure why she got this rare disease. She fought for a year and a half, with TWO allogeneic haemopoietic stem cell bone marrow transplant. My husband was her first donor and I was her second. We couldn’t find a non-related donor for as her ethnicity was too broad. I highly suggust registering Be The Match because sometimes I wonder if we had a non-related donor… if that could’ve saved our daughter’s life. We lived in the hospital more than we did at our own home. We fought with her until she just couldn’t fight anymore. In this blog, you can follow along my journey as a grieving mother and how I try to cope with losing my 3 year old daughter as well as being a stay at home mom to my 11 month old baby girl. Losing your child is one if not only the worst pain in the whole entire world. When you lost your child, you lose a part of you.

My husband of 1.5 years (been dating for 7 years) is Pete. He is a hard working front-end web developer who manages a team and an amazing father. We also have a 14 lb white fur ball Pekishihtzeranian (Pekingese, Shih Tzu, and Pomeranian) named Shiro which means White in Japanese who has been with us since we’ve dated!

My blog will most likely be about lifestyle, beauty, and stationery. I’ve always wanted to share my adventures happening in my life and I so badly had wished I’ve documented Autumn’s HLH journey so we could bring more awareness. But I will include any memories I had of her, some pictures if I’m up to it during the 1.5 years that she fought. I just know 2018 will be a very tough year for our family and I pray that God will continually comfort our broken heart during this rough time. Other than my beautiful family, I’m also super obsessed with stationery and makeup! If only you can look at my office now and see all the pens and paper laying around ever but at least my makeup is neatly tucked away, lol. Planning is my go-to for everything and had brought back so much passion of writing things down physically on paper. It definitely took me back to middle/high school days when they give you those school agendas on first day of school. Do they still do that?

Anyways, if you’re still here reading this… thank you so much for your interest! Please bookmark this page and follow me on Instagram/Twitter. I’m quite active on there so I would love to talk to you guys! I’m grateful for you all who takes interest in me as I’m a very introverted kind of gal. This blog allows me to be more open and share awesome interests of mine to you all. God bless and happy reading!