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    Dear Autumm (Day +93)

    Dear Autumn,

    It’s been three months since you left this earth to be with the Lord. Every single day, it’s been harder and harder. You would think as time passes by, it would get just a tiny bit easier but it’s not. It’s still fresh. Still new. The wound still hurts.

    Your father and I talk about you every single day. There’s always a constant reminder of you everywhere. Whether it’s a toy or music or how you would play with your baby sister. Your baby sister. Your dear sweet baby sister Chloe. She’s 7 and a half months old and you would’ve LOVED playing with her at this age. She would respond to you or try to play with you. She would try to get Shiro but he wasn’t having it. We just really wish we could see you grow up with her. You guys would’ve been such best friends! My two beautiful girls. Read more

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    2018 Compact Rose Gold Eco Passion Planner Review

    Who doesn’t love the smell of brand new planners for the new year? My 2018 planner is an ECO rose gold compact by Passion Planner. I just started using it last year and safely can say that I found my planner peace. After trying out Erin Condren, Get to Workbook, Inkwell Press, Happy Planner, Ring planners… you name it, I’ve tried it all. Passion Planner had started an ECO friendly version of their planners on Kickstarter last year. With this new product, Passion Planner’s goals was to redesigned with the planet in mind. For every planer they sell, Passion Planner will plant a tree through a non-profit organization, One Tree Planted. At the end of Kickstarter, you got to choose which country you would like the tree planted. Read more

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    Current Beauty Favorites

    My first beauty favorites post! I love sharing my go-to beauty items so hopefully these will also be you guys’ favorite too. As a makeup junkie, you always gotta have the new NEW stuff as you want to try it out. I haven’t been to Sephora in a few months now so I feel like I’m missing out but it’s okay… holiday collections should be out soon! Most of my beauty favorites are high-end products only because I seem to gravitate to Sephora (used to work there few years back and let me tell ya, their gratis are the best!) the most but I do have some drugstore items in here too. Okay enough of my rambles, let’s get to my current beauty favorites!

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    Mini Daiso Haul


    The other day when I went to Michael’s to find some washi tapes, I totally forgot this shopping center have one of the biggest Daiso in the state! What is Daiso you ask? It’s pretty much like Dollar Tree but Japanese version? Though, not everything is a dollar but it’s close to it. The most expensive item I’ve seen there is probably $3.00? You can’t beat that! So if you never been, definitely check one out. Read more

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    Day Designer Mini Review

    I recently got this planner few days ago. I was debating if I wanted the flagship (big, original size) or a mini. I’ve always wanted to try out Day Designer planners but when I saw that there’s times on the left hand side, I didn’t know what to add into them since my life isn’t so busy that I schedule by the hour. As I looked through Instagram and checked out #daydesigner, I was amazed by so many creativity being done to this planner. Now do I have planner peace? Nope, haven’t found it yet but I know it’s somewhere.

    What caught my attention was how gorgeous this cover was and how simple the inserts were. I’m not really a fan of colorful inserts in a planner. I much rather have it black and white than add my own colors when I feel like it. I’m not sure if you guys feel this way but when I see planners with existing color choice… I get a little anxious on trying to match it. Anyways, enough with my planner OCD… let’s get to the review! Read more

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    What I Got for Christmas

    Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas! I was lucky enough to have a job that let us have a one week paid vacation from the company so definitely thankful for that. Our Christmas was pretty chill… Autumn and I were both sick and we were in our jammies at 830 AM. We had her open all of her presents first since this was truly the first time she got to really rip it up! I think it was the cutest thing ever! We got her this beautiful, pink kitchen set and she was so happy! She didn’t even care to open the rest of her presents. We also had gifts sent from Pete’s parents from Southern California so we skyped with them so they can watch Autumn open hers. It’s been really hard not seeing our families this year or the year before that. The cost just to fly from Washington to California is ridiculous! You really need to book at least 8+ months to get a good plane ticket deals. Anyways, it was a peaceful Christmas day… white Christmas at that. It was snowing and couldn’t come in a perfect time! Now enough with the jabbering and onto with the gifts! Finance definitely hit us a little this time of year so we got each other what we could get. Pete already knows I’m a HUGE makeup addict and that’s what I got. I also may did a little Christmas shopping for myself… heehee.

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